The design and look of the document by setting proper background, and font style are important but it is not the only thing that is important in a document. The look of the document must be such that the readability must not get affected.

  1. Colour contrast: You may think that choosing a background contrast to the font may make the readers easy to read the content. But, sometimes it happens that the chosen background color may spoil it. Choose something that does not affect the readability. This goes well for the font effect and the font size too.
  2. Copy-Paste: Sometimes the extra space created during copy- paste may make the text hanging separately which becomes difficult for the readers to understand the text clearly.
  3. Line breaks: The above case is also true when you set the line breaks and do not cross check to confirm whether it is inserted properly. Sometimes inserting a line break may make some text hanging and may be difficult for the readers to read it.
  4. Spacing: Give equal spacing throughout the document. Double spacing after a period can also be a barrier to read through the content.