It is important to choose the right font in the right place. There is a lot of difference in a travel blog and a company’s blog. The chosen font plays an important role in projecting the content properly to the readers. Some of the common mistakes while choosing the font are

  1. Too Many Typefaces: Generally, a professional document is set to have the same font type and style throughout the Rarely some project may include multiple font styles. Try to avoid too many font faces and styles unless it is required compulsorily as it may help to avoid the amateurish look of the document.
  2. Mismatching fonts: When one has to choose different font face for a document, it happens sometimes that the chosen fonts do not sync well. When it comes to designing the web pages and similar mixing of fonts becomes important as it may destroy the entire look of the document.
  3. Content and Font: Choosing a wrong type of font may also distract the readers. For example, a content that displays a business report or a report about the performance of a team becomes less important to the readers if the font face projects the content as stylish and cool.