Capital Letters: Use of capital and small letters in inappropriate places may make the content worse. It is accepted to have Continuous Capital letters in the title or at but not in a whole document.

For example,

It is better to write as “when all at once I saw a cloud”

Rather than writing it as “WHEN ALLL AT ONCE I SAW A CLOUD”

Too much Emphasis: At times it is required to give importance to certain parts of the document. It is a good practice to use bold, italics, underlined, capital letters at those places. But, when this is used in many places in a single paragraph, it gives frustration to the users rather than making them concentrate.

For example,

It is better to write as

The sale ends TODAY. Do not let it go.

Rather than writing it as

The sale ends TODAY. Do not let it go.

Hierarchy: This is the most common mistake done while writing a document. When a particular document includes certain hierarchy to be displayed, each has to be displayed in such a way that each hierarchy level is well understood just by looking at it.  For example, a title can be displayed in letters with larger font and a sub heading within it can be specified with a font smaller than the main title, and if you need to specify another title within the subheading then use some font style such that it is well understood by the readers. Bulleting, numbering can also be used at appropriate places to indicate the hierarchy.


Giving a 100% worthy information in the content can never be attractive to the readers if you do not give importance to the cosmetic changes in the document.

Alignment: When each paragraph in a document appears to be aligned differently, it is obvious that nobody will have an interest in reading the document. Use proper alignment at proper places.

Margins:  Inserting text boxes and images in a document may sometimes cause a problem with the margin. It is better to select all the objects and adjust the margins manually so that it fits well along with the original margin.

Fitting edges: Sometimes one may end up in a paragraph with ragged edges. Though this is not a big problem with the content, the appearance of the document may get spoilt. In such cases, it is better to go through the document and take care of the line break manually.

One should do a self-review of the document after they have completed it. It is better to read the document as a reader and as though someone else has written the document. Doing such a review is bound to provide good results as one can find careless errors, thereby eliminating silly mistakes and ensure that the reader gets a good impression of the author.